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Diaper Invitational 3 champion...BK and Shaun
The diapers were numerous, the games were
competitive, and a new name will be engraved on the Mesanko Cup for the 3rd tournament in a row.

7 teams came to compete with a third of the games being decided by 2 points. After the group stage finished, the semifinals sent the 2 best teams to the finals. While Brandon and Dan did take names in the group stage, defeating all 6 opponents, BK and Shaun had their eyes on the prize and never gave up the lead. BK hoisted the Cup for the 3rd time, and Shaun joins the list of 17 champions.

Brandon was top scorer for the 7th time,
Nicole was clutch, and Popeye and David
both acheived top Shotgunner honors.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you
to all participants for another great tourney.