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World Cup of Caps XI champion...Japan
Another worldly competition is complete.
Ten teams came to battle it out and prove their
worth. Six rookies gave it their all with Michael V
earning Rookie of the Tournament honors.
Rookie Nate showed his skills by not only
coming away as Top Shotgunner, but
snagging 9 in a single game...a record! Our usual
top shotgunner, BK, won the Clutch award.
Keeping the streak going, Brandon scored the most
points/game for the 6th tournament in a row.

After winning their respective groups, Sweden and
Japan defeated their playoff opponents to meet in
the final. With the remaining guests watching
intently as former partners faced off,
Popeye, Mike, Don and Brandon showed their skills
with 9 combined clutches and a table match.
The pace of Popeye and Brandon proved to be key
as they defeated Sweden and put Japan on
the cup for the first time.

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you to all participants for another great tourney.